Recruit Daylon Charlot Has 40 Inch Vertical Jump

Daylon Charlot, one of the most highly touted WR prospects coming out of high school, has finally committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Coach Saban says he is one of the most athletic receivers he has seen in recent memory.

With the loss of guys like Amari Cooper to the NFL, the Tide have been looking for the next big thin in the wideout department. Daylon hopes to fill big shoes with his new team. Cooper had been one of the leading receivers on the Alabama squad, and was widely considered one of the best ever on the Tide team.

Daylon brings a lot to the table. For example, he set SPARQ records of 4.35s in the 40 yard dash and jumped 40 inches in the vertical jump.

His primary methods of training focus on explosiveness and power. It’s not often you see guys who weigh nearly 200 pounds jumping 40 inches in the air.

Most of his training has come during the off season when he has had time to recover and focus on overall development. Lots of players Daylon’s age end up falling into the rut of overtraining that is often preached by many coaches from around the country.

In many cases, more pain does not always mean more gain.

“Some people think it’s a good idea to train everyday, but I don’t do that.”, said Daylan.

He says he follows training methods outlined by Jacob Hiller in his program.

“I just listen to my body and react based on what I feel I can do. That’s it.”

If you ask us, seems pretty simple for a vertical jumping freak like this young man.

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